Ocean Turquoise Fender Stratocaster for Sale!  
  The guitar body is an all-original 1994 Fender ’57 vintage reissue in Ocean Turquoise. It has a pearloid pickguard, but I can supply the original white one. Pickups, pots, bridge and everything else are stock. The only thing changed on this guitar is the neck.  
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  I like a bigger neck – the stock neck on the ’57 reissues are pretty slim, and they have thin vintage-wire frets, which I also don’t like. So I put a USA Custom Guitars (USACG) neck on this guitar – my favorite carve – the ’54 model. The carve is .850” soft V going to a C shape with a .090 taper. It is nice and beefy, which significantly adds to the tone of the guitar. You can check it out on the USACG web site (www.usacustomguitars.com) – it has a compound radius, 7.25” – 9.5” – very comfortable. It is fretted with 6105 wire, 21 frets. Anchorage luthier Mike Fleck put the bone nut on it and did the final setup on the guitar a couple years ago. The neck has a birdseye maple fingerboard with very nice figure in it, and paua shell dot inlays. Nothing too outlandish, just very cool and classy looking. The neck is finished in satin nitro lacquer which feels great on the hand. The finish is whisper-thin which really allows the neck to breathe and resonate freely.  

The guitar comes with the original Fender hard-shell tweed case which is in fine condition.


  In the interest of full disclosure, the guitar has (9) dings in the body, where the paint has chipped through to wood. They are all about 3/16” each, give or take. These are all pictured below. It came with a few of these and I put the rest in it with my own carelessness. I play all my guitars and although try to be careful, stuff happens.  

This is a great guitar, feels excellent, sounds really good and is absolutely gorgeous on the eye. Ocean Turquoise is, in my opinion, the best metallic color Fender ever came up with.